Dear RER:

I just wanted to thank you for acknowledging the accomplishments of Frank Scarborough in your Letter from the Editor and Industry News in the July issue of RER. I worked closely with Frank and the UpRight Selma team during his tenure. I spent 13 years with UpRight / Horizon High Reach and consider these some of the best years in the business. Helping UpRight develop the MX19 and X Series scissorlifts, using quality functional deployment, was very exciting for me personally as well as the entire UpRight / Horizon team. These lifts and Frank's salesmanship and leadership helped UpRight rebound to the forefront of the industry at the time.

As you stated Frank was always frank in his conversation. I can appreciate this as I am also a straight-talking salesman that pulls no punches when asked for my opinion. We have lost an icon. My sincere condolences go out to Bonnie and his family.

Matt Malone
Sunstate Equipment Company

Dear RER:

I thought you put together a very nice commentary about Frank Scarborough. As many of us remember him, he was “frank” but he was also one of the early members of this great industry and a part of the color and character that added to the enjoyment of this business.

Barry Natwick, president and CEO
Volvo Rents
Asheville, N.C.