With reduced machine length and width, as well as a lower overall machine height, New Holland compact wheel loaders are even more compact than previous models, designed to work and maneuver easily in restricted spaces. C Series compact wheel loaders also feature increased stability.

The new Z-bar linkage design on models W50C, W80C, and W80C HS is designed for increased breakout force, digging and lifting power. This design is ideal for load-and-carry, high-production applications.

The parallel lift path of the W50C TC model is designed to eliminate the need for manual correction. The self-levelling lift path means operators can focus on load placement instead of leveling and can increase speed. This model works for multiple applications, but is ideal for forklift work.

The line also features new Tier IV engines.

Optional features include high-flow hydraulics (W80C only) for added versatility and power with 34 gpm at 2900 psi; an auto ride control option designed for more comfortable rides, less spilling and less machine wear and tear; creep speed option for applications that require slow and steady control; high-speed option (W80C only) for faster travel on the job site and between locations; and the return to dig option quickly returns the bucket to the dig position after dumping with the push of a button.