FTG Equipment Solutions, exclusive distributor for Rotair air compressors in North America, is offering a free five-year,  unlimited hour warranty on all air-ends and mechanical couplings, the company said. The warranty does not require special, expensive, proprietary fluids, as some other manufacturers require.

Rotair compressors must be maintained as per factory recommendations, and the customer is automatically protects against expensive air-end failure. Both parts and labor are included in the warranty.

The compressor air-end is generally the single most expensive component in an air compressor, FTG officials said. Mechanical couplings, difficult to repair or replace, are also problematic on some coressors.

Rotair is confident in its air-ends because they utilize low-speed technology, with large bearings, good heat dissipation and less rotor and bearing wear, the company said, utilizing larger rotors with more surface area.

For more information on Rotair’s air-end and mechanical coupling warranty, contact Ron Johnson, FTG Equipment Solutions president at sales@ftgequipment.com.