Toro unveiled its new line of specialized concrete and masonry equipment, and compaction equipment last week at World of Concrete in Las Vegas. Toro’s new line was developed through the company’s acquisition of products from Stone Construction Equipment last year and utilizes those trusted designs and quality to offer concrete mixers, mortar mixers, power trowels, concrete vibrators, screeds, concrete working tools, plate compactors, rammers and a trench roller. These new products join Toro’s expanded product offerings to the construction and rental industries. 

“Toro continues to look for ways to expand its product lines for professional contractors and rental operations,” said Anna Foster, rental product marketing manager for Toro. “Through recent acquisitions, we are able to deliver even more quality products with the service and parts support that customers expect from Toro.”

The assets of Stone Construction Equipment were seized in March 2012 by its primary lender, M&T Bank, and the company was shut down. Toro acquired its product assets in April.

With a batch capacity range of 2 to 12 cubic feet, Toro's line of concrete mixers offers eight models, including portable electric models like the CM-250E and the heavy-duty diesel CM-1258Y.

Toro has nine models of mortar mixers with a batch capacity range of 6 to12 cubic feet. From the large multi-point bag splitter to the drum latch that can be operated with a knee, the mortar mixer line-up offers both gas and electric models.

Toro power trowels feature contoured adjustable handles and a rotating stabilizing ring for precise handling and a smooth concrete finish. The line includes four models equipped with a Honda engine. The Toro Dyna-Clutch safety feature is incorporated into each unit and will stop the blade without shutting down the engine. The PT-36PP and PT-46PP feature Toro’s patented Pro-Pitch blade adjustment system that provides smooth, quick pitch changes to ensure blades are at the optimal angle for a good finish.

The Toro MB-1600 Mud Buggy is compact and designed with maneuverability in mind to allow the operator to dump material in tough-to-reach areas. It has a 16 cubic-foot capacity and travels up to 7 mph to increase productivity. The patented operator platform features an oversized brake pedal and dual-action dump pedal that returns the tub to hauling position, improving safety and efficiency by allowing the operator to keep their hands on the operating bar.

Toro concrete vibrators feature a quick-connect system to facilitate flex-shaft changeability. With five models to choose from, operators can select electric handheld or gas-powered backpack models. Also, Toro offers a variety of flex-shaft and assembly head options to help contractors find the right tool to deliver a smooth concrete finish.

Toro offers four models of finishing screeds for low slump and high slump applications. With a beam length range of 4 to 30 feet, each model has an adjustable handle and is equipped with a Honda engine. The VS-70 and VS-80 have a patented equilateral triangle bar that enable the operator to cut, consolidate, compact, and smooth concrete without build-up.

Toro’s plate compactors are designed with a unique base geometry, optimal eccentric placement, amplitude and VPMs that allow the unit to provide maximum compaction for stable, even surfaces. Also, a heavy-duty design provides protection to the engine and machine components for extended life. Toro offers three models of forward plate compactors with an eccentric force range of 2,200 to 4,000 pounds. Toro’s new line of reversible plate compactors offer a centrifugal force range from approximately 4,950 to14,160 pounds and feature hydraulic travel control with an innovative safety valve to offer overload protection and a longer product life.

Toro rammers feature a high-impact poly shoe with a steel reinforced base plate and heavy-duty rubber shock mounts to cushion vibration, resulting in less operator fatigue. The see-through polyethylene fuel tank allows for quick fuel check and the wrap-around handle and side shields help to protect the engine. To extend the engine life in dusty job conditions, a dual-stage air filtration system provides optimum airflow and reduces contamination. With three models available, Toro rammers have an impact force range of 2,650 to 3,500 pounds.  

The TR-34 trench roller is designed with 15,709 pounds of centrifugal force for optimum compaction on a single pass. Used for a variety of compaction needs from foundations to utility trenches or excavation work, the TR-34 can make tight turns and has the power needed for any job. It’s radio-frequency remote control works up to 100 feet with no line-of-sight transmission errors to maximize productivity.

The Toro Co. is a worldwide provider of turf, landscape, rental and construction equipment, and irrigation and outdoor lighting solutions.