Airlessco, a division of Graco, offers its EZ Rent airless paint sprayers to the rental market in two durable, easy-to-use models — EZ570 and EZ700. The series features a low-maintenance design coupled with high-quality construction and components for reliable operation, extended life and high ROI. Capable of handling water-based paints, oil coatings, 100-percent acrylics, stains and varnishes, the EZ Rent sprayers are suitable for a variety of end-users including professional contractors, facility managers and homeowners.

The EZ Rent models feature a .9-hp DC motor and generate 3,000-psi maximum operating pressure. The EZ570 weighs 71 pounds and delivers a maximum output of 0.85 gpm. Slightly larger, the EZ700 offers a maximum output delivery of .095 gpm. Both models are capable of pumping directly from 1- or 5-gallon paint containers, providing quick, easy access on any jobsite.

“There's this long-time misconception that paint sprayers are a difficult product for rental centers to carry, but this is absolutely untrue,” says Tony Sabo, Graco rental sales and marketing manager. “In fact, it's quite the opposite. We've worked very hard to change this image by designing our products for rental. There's a lot of strategy with how the components were engineered into the overall design to help cut down on maintenance and related issues, which increases uptime and rental opportunity.”

The sprayers offer Airlessco's patented, externally adjustable Triple-Life packing system, which extends packing life, reducing repair costs and downtime. The system also indicates packing wear, ensuring replacements are made when necessary to avoid unexpected interruption during operation. Both models also feature a slow-stroking stainless-steel piston pump, which protects the piston, packing, valve seats and check ball, and extends the lifecycle of the entire unit.

“We offer the exclusive Quick Flush adapter to make cleaning easy and encourage renters to do it,” Sabo adds. “It pairs with a standard garden hose and uses clean water to back flush the system, making it safe and simple enough anyone can do it. The E-Z Rent sprayers also feature a large LCD display with no complex menus, making operation much easier for renters.”

Verified by Tony Sabo, Graco rental sales and marketing manager.
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Vital Stats

Operating pressure: 3,000-psi maximum

Hose size: ¼ inch