John Deere Power Systems introduces three engines for use in gen-set applications — the PowerTech E 9.0L and the PowerTech 9.0L and 13.5L. The compact engines are targeted for the standby gen-set market, but will also be offered to the prime-power gen-set market.

The PowerTech E 9.0L engine meets Tier-3 emissions regulations and has a maximum power rating of 315 kW (422 hp). This engine features full-authority electronic controls, a fixed-geometry turbocharger and a high-pressure common-rail fuel system. These technologies offer improved cold-start performance and precise engine-speed control.

“In the cost-driven gen-set market, customers can now get a Tier-3 large-displacement engine without cooled exhaust gas recirculation or a variable geometry turbocharger,” says Matt Arnold, product planner for John Deere Power Systems.

The Stage II PowerTech 9.0L and 13.5L engines are new for 50-Hz gen-sets. The 9.0L engine has a maximum power rating of 304 kW (408 hp). The PowerTech 13.5L engine features the same technologies as the PowerTech E 9.0L except instead of the high-pressure common-rail fuel system it has an electronic unit-injector fuel system.

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Verified by Matt Arnold, product planner for John Deere Power Systems.
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Vital Stats

Speed: 1,800 rpm for the E 9.0L and 1,500 rpm for the 9.0L and 13.5L

Horsepower: 422, 408 and 612 hp