Stone Construction Equipment's WolfPac asphalt rollers — WP4100, WP3100 and WP3100D (pictured) — are available with an optional foldable roll-over protection system (ROPS). This increases the rollers' versatility for a wide variety of confined areas including garages and parking structures where low heights can create obstacles.

When folded to 73 inches, the operator can back the roller into a garage or other structure to get optimum coverage of the area being compacted. Even with the ROPS folded, the machine maintains its safety rating. The foldable ROPS is also designed to make the rollers easier and less costly to transport on standard trailers because there is no need for a tall, swing-door trailer.

“The Stone WolfPac asphalt rollers are ideal for the rental market because they've been designed specifically for confined-area compaction,” says Kathryn Reissig, marketing services manager for Stone Construction Equipment. “They are used a lot on driveways, parking lots and paths — typical applications where the small contractor might want to rent rather than own.”

Verified by Kathryn Reissig, marketing manager for Stone Construction Equipment.

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Engine options: Gas and diesel
Working width: 32 to 47 inches
Height with foldable ROPS: 73 inches