John Deere introduces its redesigned QuikTrak stand-on commercial mower. The new mower is engineered to meet the changing needs of professional landscape contractors by providing compact size, stability and operator positioning on a stand-on machine. The new QuikTrak offers the shortest design available on the market, the maker says. Other features include its light weight, maneuverability and productivity.
John Deere QuikTrak

“The small compact size is great for tailoring to the rental market's needs,” says Chris Russell, John Deere product marketing manager. “The upfront cost of a stand-on is less than that of most zero-turn mowers. Safety is a key factor as well. The machines are easy to get on and off. If the operator does lose control of the machine he or she can easily step backwards and off the unit.”

Features of the QuikTrak commercial mowers include a spring suspension, operator positioning between the rear wheels for optimal hillside stability, and an ergonomically designed operator control platform.

The new John Deere QuikTrak is available in two different series — the B Series and R Series. The B Series features a 22.0-hp engine with a 7-gauge, fabricated 52-inch fixed deck, run-flat front tires, and sealed front caster bearings.

The R Series is available with a 22.0- or 23.5-hp engine with 48, 52-, or 61-inch 7-gauge fabricated floating decks. In addition to run-flat front tires and sealed front caster bearings, the R Series also offers a quick height of cut adjustment and cast-iron front forks.

Verified by Chris Russell, John Deere product marketing manager.

Vital Stats

Engine: 22-hp (B Series); 22- or 23.5-hp (R Series)
Deck size: 52-inch fixed deck (B Series); 48-, 52-, or 61-inch floating decks (R Series)

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