OEM Data Delivery introduces the ST-570-HZ to its RFID line of robust Service Trackers. The new RFID tracking device wirelessly identifies individual equipment, allowing worksite managers to track the location and activity of all capital assets automatically. The ST-570-HZ works with any OEM GoPod data capture hub to record machine transactions including vehicle identification, distribution of fuel and other service consumables.

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The Toro 18-inch Power Rake features intuitive user-friendly controls. With a dethatching width of 18 inches, the Toro Power Rake has 22 flail blades on a 1.5-inch spacing that are automatically engaged by the unit's centrifugal clutch. It is constructed with 11-gauge steel and equipped with a Honda GX160 engine. The unit weighs 125 pounds, has an overall width of 27.5 inches and a transport height of 23 inches.

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The new PCF34 and PCF64 flat-top plate compactor attachments offer enhanced compatibility with Bobcat M-Series excavators. Mounting changes to the top of the plate, including the use of a bolt-on breaker cap, provide new trench compaction capabilities to the E80 excavator. Applications for the plate compactor attachment include compacting trenches, footings and slab areas.

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The Speedrooter 92 Model R drain-cleaning machine from General Pipe Cleaners is designed to handle tough stoppages such as tree roots and other heavy obstructions. The automatic feed makes getting the cable into and out of the drain faster and easier. The variable-speed feed drives and retracts cable at up to 20 feet per minute. The power feed and guide tube combination keeps the operator's hands away from spinning cable. An inner drum cage helps prevent abusive customers from tangling the cable inside the drum.

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The Cantilever Man Basket from Lifting Gear Hire is designed for use in applications that have areas that have obstructed access from a vertical angle including bridges, dams, piers and other structures. The man baskets, which have a total working load limit of 900 pounds and a deck limit of 500 pounds, are designed to offer more access over walkways, gangways and refineries.

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Knaack offers an improved 4-way skid design on its jobsite chests, cabinets and field station. The new upgraded skids provide forklift access from all sides, improved durability and an easier method of attaching casters, resulting in increased productivity. The new 4-way skids are made of heavy-duty, 7-gauge steel for enhanced durability.

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Grip-Rite introduces the PrimeGuard MAX stainless-steel fastener line, featuring a lifetime guarantee against rust. The product line includes stainless-steel nails, screws and collated nails, available in a vast array of styles and sizes. PrimeGuard MAX fasteners are designed specifically for use on decks, fences, roofing, siding and trim, and other outdoor projects.

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A new protective coating from Permanon is designed to reduce cleaning time of equipment by up to 80 percent and help maintain the shine of original paint. Permanon is a micro-thin clear coat that takes on properties similar to hardened glass when it is applied to a hard, non-porous surface. Its application helps protect rental equipment from rust and corrosion.

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