European telecommunications giant Empower has outsourced significant parts of its equipment fleet to Ramirent and has signed a five-year co-operation agreement, which covers Ramrient’s entire range of equipment and services offered to Empower in Finland.

The outsourced fleet includes generators, cable trolleys, fiber welding equipment, cable radars, testers and tools. This equipment complements Ramirent’s existing fleet for the industrial segment and expands the offering targeted to industrial customers.

“The agreement enables Ramirent to enhance its capabilities to serve industrial customers and sets Ramirent as a frontrunner in serving the telecom sector,” said Anna Hyvönen, executive vice president, Ramirent Finland and Baltics. “The fleet complements well our existing industrial equipment family and boosts our capability in developing services for the industrial segment.”

“With this fleet outsourcing agreement, Empower can further improve focus on its core business,” said Eero Auranne, CEO and president of Empower Group. “By co-operating with Ramirent in fleet management we gain clear operational advantages enabling us to further improve the quality of our services to customers.”

Empower builds, installs, maintains and repairs electricity and telecom networks, maintains power plans and factories and delivers ICT solutions, operating in about 100 locations in Finland, Sweden, Norway, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

Ramirent, one of Europe’s largest rental companies, is headquartered in Vantaa, near Helsinki, Finland, and has operations in 10 northern and central European countries.