The entire Loxam Group, Europe’s largest rental company, has joined the International Powered Access Federation. Loxam Group consists  of 11 Loxam companies. Its subsidiaries in the U.K., Ireland and the Netherlands are already IPAF members. The membership agreement was signed by Alice Henault, director of the Loxam Access division, and Tim Whiteman, IPAF CEO, during the European Rental Association’s annual convention in Stockholm in June.

Henault said that Loxam believes it can work with IPAF and use IPAF’s safety and technical expertise to help promote safety in France.

“We see that IPAF is really helping the business in the UK and other countries where we are members,” said Henault. “Now is the time to be an IPAF member in France. Safety is a challenge, and it is part of our job to promote safety. We have to work with IPAF to find the best way to promote safety.”

“We welcome the Loxam Group’s commitment to sharing experience and information from its operations around Europe within the IPAF community,” said IPAF CEO Tim Whiteman. “Together we can help improve safety around the world.”