Xylem’s Godwin Field Smart Technology (FST) and Godwin PrimeGuard 2 controller provide contractors working in remote locations with crucial pump operating data that can significantly reduce or eliminate the need for expensive, onsite personnel to monitor pumps manually.

Xylem’s Godwin PrimeGuard 2 is a fully programmable microprocessor engine control system that allows for inputs from flow meters, level transducers, pressure transducers or standard floats. Using the data from any of these systems, Godwin Dri-Prime pumps can be programmed to start/stop automatically with no operator intervention required. Used in tandem with PrimeGuard 2, FST is a premium solution for any contractor.

FST can monitor engine, motor, and pump operation conditions (such as operating hours, speed, engine temperature, and fuel consumption) as well as pump parameters such as suction and discharge pressure, sump level, and flow data. Pump data can be accessed remotely from any device in the world with an internet connection. FST enables the operator to remotely start, stop, and set engine speed, and alarms can be set to alert for operating or performance failures. For reporting purposes, pump data can be logged and documented, or even tied back to a SCADA system for ultimate system efficiencies and control.