Worldwide Power Products, a power-generation provider to industrial and petroleum clients worldwide, announced the debut of its new Load Bank Rental Division. The division will rent load-bank devices nationwide to WPP customers with a need to run generators under full load, either for initial commissioning or periodic testing.

“Load-bank testing is an essential component of generator testing, from initial performance testing of new generators to periodic quality checks of existing generators, to commissioning of highly climate-sensitive facilities such as data centers,” said John Agnes, WPP national director, load bank rental division. “Companies expend precious resources hiring third-party firms to conduct load bank tests for them, often because they do not have the equipment. With WPP’s load-bank rentals, our clients’ in-house engineers will be able to perform generator load-bank tests, saving time and curtailing expenditures.”

Load banks are useful because most diesel generators spend the majority of their time running at only a partial load, and it may not be possible or safe for companies to increase the generator load for commissioning or testing purposes.

“WPP has in-house expertise and can also help companies select the right load-bank device for their particular situation,” added Agnes. “WPP wants to be a one-stop shop for customers of power-generation products, and this is one more way we can meet their needs.”

Worldwide Power Products is based in Houston.