Worldwide Power Products, a power-generation equipment provider to industrial and petroleum clients worldwide, said today it has purchased an additional $3.7 million in gas generators for its rental and sales inventory. WPP will be selling the units from its facilities in Houston and Oklahoma City.

“The demand for power generation is rising rapidly, not only due to natural disasters and other unexpected needs but also for oil and gas, mining and other companies operating in remote locations around the globe,” said Marcello Lo Cicero, WPP’s director of Latin America and Rental. “Natural gas is a plentiful fuel source that offers undeniable benefits for companies needing to generate their own power on a continuous or emergency basis, or in cases where gas is readily available making it a cost-effective alternative to diesel.”

The benefits Lo Cicero refers to include reduced emissions levels, lower fuel costs and fuel-source flexibility. The gas generators are built by leading manufacturers such as Caterpillar and HiPower Systems. Each of the generators will be able to burn propane or natural gas from storage tanks as well as natural gas directly from a pipeline and, in some cases, from cleaned and filtered well-head gas.

“Access to affordable and dependable energy is crucial to global energy security and economic prosperity, and natural gas has an enormous role to play in achieving these goals,” added LoCicero. “The manufacturers with whom we work have told us they are ‘all-in’ with natural gas, and Worldwide Power Products feels the same way.”

Worldwide Power Products is headquartered in Houston.