Spider, a division of SafeWorks LLC, recently sold 900 feet of SpiderLine temporary horizontal lifeline system to provide fall protection for leading edge work at the Arcellor Mittal steel mill in Burns Harbor, Ind.

The customer, Morrison, encountered potential fall hazards while cleaning the mill’s roof gutters. Spider was able to equip its SpiderLine system with a customer engineered weld-on bracket that provided 100-percent fall protection with a high anchor point and no pendulum effect. The system could be relocated to different areas of the facility as needed.

“Our design and engineering capabilities, quick turnaround, and local support availability were the primary factors in Spider’s success on this custom solution,” said John Sotiroff, vice president – Spider Sales & Distribution. “Morrison has been using Spider hoists for many years, and we were especially pleased to be able to provide them with a new solution to safely meet their fall protection needs.

Spider engineered, fabricated and delivered the customized solution in just a few days, the company said.

Spider, a division of SafeWorks, Tutwila, Wash., is No. 65 on the RER 100.