Snorkel displayed 14 machines at its ConExpo stand, including Xtreme forklifts.  The company show some mid-sized rough terrain boomlifts with redesigned chassis with an angled basis, which helps prevent fallen debris from setting on the machine, and fixed angles rather than oscillating.

Some of Snorkel’s machines were shown at the Rental Show three weeks earlier in Orlando, Fla., including the S3010E self-propelled mini-scissorlift and the Snorkel S3970ORT compact rough-terrain scissorlift. Snorkel also showed a rebuilt Snorkel TB60, demonstrating the capabilities of the Snorkel Rebuild Program. Also established Snorkel products such as the SL30SL Speed Level; the A38E electric articulated boomlift; the A46JRT rough-terrain articulated boomlift and others were on display.

Also Xtreme Manufacturing showed North America’s largest capacity telehandler, the new XR6538, which can lift 65,000 pounds and is designed for use in mining, bridge-building and pipe-handling applications. Weighing nearly 100,000 pounds and featuring 6-foot-tall tires and a 24.6-foot turning radius, the unit is an alternative to truck-mounted cranes. The machine is powered by a 300-hp Cummins Tier 4 final engine and has a large 150-gallon fuel capacity.

Xtreme also launched its smallest telehandler, the XR5919, which can lift 5,900 pounds and has been designed to meet demand for a telehandler weighing less than 10,500 pounds as required by some jobsites because of weight restrictions.

The Snorkel and Xtreme booth was constructed entirely from Xtreme Cubes. The cubes are modular steel-frame cubes, which can be quickly bolted together to create temporary and permanent, multi-story structures. The ConExpo booth is a two-story structure with multiple meeting spaces, offices and open seating areas as well as a viewing deck, bar and folding roof. The stand took a day and a half to install.