Featuring intelligent machine controls designed for enhanced performance and optimal safety, Bomag's BMP8500 articulated multi-purpose compactor offers versatile operation for compaction of cohesive, semi-cohesive and non-cohesive soil types in applications such as trenches and foundations. The BMP8500 is powered by a 19.4-hp, three-cylinder, water-cooled Kubota diesel engine that features ECOMODE, a system that automatically idles the engine to conserve fuel during inactivity. Using Bomag's Intelligent Vibration Control to achieve consistent compaction results, the compactor has a dual exciter system and two selectable amplitudes that deliver output options of either 8,000 or 16,000 pounds of centrifugal force.

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Jenny Products

The K-series gas-powered wheeled portable compressors from Jenny Products include four models, all with 5.5-hp Honda GX engines. Operating on either a recoil or electric start, the K-series compressors deliver 8.9 cfm at 100 psi or 8.6 cfm at 125 psi for quick recovery. The K-series features the “K” pump, a heavy-duty, single-stage cast-iron compressor pump. The compressors are available in four air tank configurations: 8- and 15-gallon air tanks, which are low profile, powder-coated twin-tank receivers; and 17- and 30-gallon air tanks, which are powder coated and ASME certified.

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Atlas Copco

Atlas Copco completes its post driver range with the addition of its lightweight LPD-LD, which weighs 39 pounds. The company now offers a model matched to any handheld or crane-lifted driving job from 3/8-inch to 6-inch poles, steel rods or profiles. The LPD-LD design was evolved from the same impact mechanism used on the LH 11 pick hammer. With its high frequency and heavy hitting power, the LPD-LD drives ground rods, anchors, tent spikes and fences in nearly any terrain. The new post driver accepts rods or posts from less than half an inch to 2.5 inches.

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Landoll Corp.

An all-new trailer from Landoll Corp. is designed to handle empty 20-foot containers. The model 342 is a light-duty Gooseneck trailer that works well with short single-axle tractors for increased maneuverability. The trailer comes standard with a fifth wheel king pin, 7-way electrical connection and a single air brake axle. The gooseneck is a short 8 feet and the lower deck is 23 feet. The overall length being 31 feet long will legally handle up to 25-foot-long containers. The 342 comes standard with a chain-drive load system, loading bridle, tie-down chains, push bar and container side pin lock-downs.

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The new Terex PT-60 (60 hp/44.7kW) is engineered as a high-performance compact track loader with power and versatility suitable for construction, landscaping, utility and private owner applications. The PT-60 produces good traction and low ground disturbance. It features a patented Posi-Track suspended undercarriage technology and two-speed drive motors. A loader-mounted quick-attach interface gives the PT-60 the versatility of using virtually any industry-standard attachment. A choice of General Purpose, Turf (smooth), or Extreme Terrain Track options allows the operator to choose the best tracks for any ground conditions.

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The new SkyGuard aftermarket accessory from JLG Industries is designed to provide boomlift operators with enhanced control panel protection that doesn't limit platform workspace or visibility. When activated by approximately 50 pounds of force, SkyGuard stops all functions in use at the time. The reverse functionality momentarily undoes most functions that were in use at the time of activation for less than a second's worth of time. SkyGuard can be activated from a variety of angles and provides additional protection without impeding or reducing the work envelope of the boomlift.

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Ditch Witch

The new SK750/SK755 compact tool carrier from Ditch Witch features a high-drive track system along with an enhanced operator station, delivering increased ground clearance, more lift capacity, faster ground speed, longer track life and more operator comfort, the maker says. The SK750 features a 24.8-hp Kubota diesel engine and the SK755 features a 32.8-hp Kubota diesel. Operating height of the new tool carriers is 103 inches and the maximum dump height is 64 inches.

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The new Doosan DXB130H and DXB190H hydraulic breakers feature an energy recovery system that increases strike power for maximum productivity. The nitrogen-powered breakers are equipped with an upper/lower suspension system that isolates the power unit from the housing, making it suitable for a variety of demanding applications. Delivering up to 600 blows per minute, the 2,822-pound DXB130H is designed for use with excavators in the 15 to 22 metric-ton weight range. The 3,698-pound DXB190H is designed for use with excavators in the 21 to 31 metric ton weight range.

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Bandit Industries

Bandit has partnered with New River Equipment to produce and distribute the Bandit Revolution cutter wheel and associated parts, including the SaberTooth cutting teeth, for most stump grinder makes and models. The Bandit Revolution cutter wheel is also now standard equipment for all new Bandit stump grinders. The Bandit Revolution features a spiral configuration of teeth, combined with low-profile pockets that receive minimal wear while also minimizing chip spread. The lead teeth on the wheel are set at 57 and 20 degrees to complete the spiral of the side teeth up and over the wheel's edge, allowing for a more aggressive cut that also helps move material away from the stump.

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Kohler Engine

Kohler Engines expands its line of Command PRO EFI engines with the launch of new 34- and 38-hp models. The new additions are designed for end users seeking higher horsepower in conjunction with the significant fuel cost and maintenance savings. The Kohler closed-loop EFI engines include an oxygen sensor that analyzes the air/fuel mixture in the muffler. If the oxygen level strays from the ideal air/fuel mixture, the sensor triggers adjustments to the amount of fuel injected into the system. The closed-loop EFI technology has been shown to save end-users up to $600 in fuel per year when compared to a Kohler carbureted engine under comparable loads and duty cycles and based on 600 hours of annual operation.

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