Baird, in partnership with RER, last week published the results of its second-quarter 2012 rental equipment industry survey, showing continued double-digit rental revenue growth of 10.4 percent year over year, compared with 10.5-percent growth in the first quarter of 2012. Outlook for the remainder of the year reflects expectations for sustained solid growth with pricing trends to remain positive throughout 2012.

“[There is] increased demand for earthmoving and aerial platforms, driven by public works and alternative energy,” one respondent noted. “There are pockets of intense activity,” said another. “The rebound is still slow in others. Increased operational capabilities have paid dividends in spite of increased competition.”

Rental rates showed slight growth in the second quarter, up 1.7 percent year over year, but down from the 3-percent growth reported in the first quarter of 2012. Strong underlying demand continues to push rental rates higher, but against increasingly difficult prior-year comparisons, the Baird/RER survey reports.

“Business activity and rental rates have improved significantly and are expected to hold strong in our area through 2012,” a respondent said. “Discounting is still heavy, but some of the nationals are starting to bring rates up a little,” another noted.

On average, time utilization improved in the quarter to 58.9 percent compared to 53.6 percent in the first quarter of the year, consistent with seasonal trends. Average utilization for Big Iron equipment was 61.1 percent, while Small Iron was 58.5 percent and Other was 52.5 percent in the quarter.

“National players are using consolidation and entry into specialty markets as a means to improve utilization performance,” a survey participant said. “There is very slow improvement in utilization and rates,” noted another. “The industry still has too much of some inventory.”

In the second quarter, respondents reported that the number of items in their rental fleet increased by 6.8 percent year over year, a slight increase from the 6.3-percent improvement reported in the first quarter. Respondents reported that they expect to spend 6.2-percent more on fleet expansion over the next six months, a slight decrease from the 9.2-percent fleet-spending expectation reported in the first quarter.

“While the economy still struggles to get back on its feet entirely, we do feel that the rental industry is gaining,” one respondent said reflecting on the positive outlook for the remainder of the year. “We foresee a positive outcome on our rates/sales.”

Participants in the Baird/RER survey are senior executives or senior managers at regional divisions of rental equipment businesses in all regions of the United States, parts of Canada and some international markets, representing nearly $8 billion in annual revenue.

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