SmartEquip’s Enterprise application will now be used by Nickell Rental, one of the largest independent equipment rental companies in the southeast. Nickell Rental will be able to automate its service process, increase technician productivity, eliminate parts order errors and improve uptime and availability of its rental fleet. The integration of SmartEquip with Orion Software’s Sirius rental management system will allow the family owned company to automate workflow for parts and service and leverage integrations with more than 280 manufacturers and suppliers of equipment that participate in the SmartEquip network.

“While local, independent rental companies often have an advantage over the national companies in terms of understanding the local market and relationships with local and other businesses, they are often at a disadvantage in terms of being able to access new technology,” said Josh Nickell, vice president of Nickell Rentals. “For some time, we have watched as the national rental companies have used SmartEquip to become more competitive by automating the repair and maintenance work flow, and we’ve looked forward to being able to use that same technology in our own business. We clearly recognize that optimizing the utilization of not only our fleet, but also our staff, is critical for growth and continued success. SmartEquip technology will enable Nickell Rental to replace our paper-based work order and purchase order systems with a paperless, automated system that eliminates over half of the steps in our current repair and maintenance process, not only reducing costs, but also improving productivity of both technicians and parts administrators. In addition, we believe that using SmartEquip technology to compress repair times will result in improved fleet availability for our customers and revenues for Nickell Rental.”

“Our goal is to drive increased profitability for fleet owners, manufacturers and their dealers by integrating both their procurement systems and operational processes,” said Fernando Pinera, SmartEquip president. “We’re excited that Nickell Rental, as one of the nation’s leading independent rental companies, will now use SmartEquip technology to support their operations.”