Leavitt Cranes has acquired the assets of Pacific Tower Crane and Pacific Lift Equipment from Barnhart Crane & Rigging Co. of Memphis, Tenn. In 2015, Barnhart purchased Sicklesteel Cranes, of which Pacific Tower Crane and Pacific Lift Equipment were divisions. Barnhart chose then to focus on its core business of mobile cranes, and agreed to sell the tower crane divisions of Sicklesteel Cranes to Leavitt Cranes, making Leavitt one of the largest tower crane dealers in the Pacific Northwest.

      In recent years, Leavitt has grown significantly throughout the Pacific Northwest, and the acquisition  of an additional tower crane division in Washington solidifies its position as one of the largest tower crane dealers in its territory.

      “The acquisition of Pacific Tower Crane and Pacific Lift Equipment brings new opportunities to Leavitt Cranes as well as new opportunities to customers,” said Tom Leavitt, president and CEO of Leavitt Machinery and Leavitt Cranes. “As with Leavitt Machinery, Leavitt Cranes provides customers with a variety of industry-leading brands, which means the customer comes first. It is my hope that with an increased product line and multiple brands to serve them, customers will have more options and will benefit from an increased product offering.”

      Leavitt Cranes plans to work closely with the rental and construction division of Leavitt Machinery, providing additional products, services and aftermarket support in Washington and Oregon. Leavitt Cranes will operate in a large facility in Tacoma, Wash., which will accommodate its operations and service teams. Leavitt Cranes will also be working in Mount Vernon to support its administrative and management group.

Most of the staff of Pacific will be retained, Leavitt said.

     “The staff coming over from Pacific Tower Cranes and Pacific Lift Equipment possesses extensive industry experience, along with valuable customer relationships,” said Bob McIntosh, senior vice president of Leavitt. “With their expertise, we look forward to fostering further relationships and growing this business responsibly and safely.”

     Thom Sicklesteel will assume the role of general manager for Leavitt Cranes’ operations in the United States.

     Leavitt Machinery was founded in 2001.