Distributor Kirby-Smith Machinery has hired Del Keffer as vice president of sales to manage Kirby-Smith’s rental strategy and the direction of corporate sales. Keffer will be located at Kirby-Smith’s Dallas branch.

“In a very short time, Del has proven to be a dynamic leader with a keen eye for strategy and a good ear for the needs of our customers,” said Jeff Weller, vice president and chief operating officer. “In this industry, the ability to be genuinely customer-facing is crucial to success. There is no doubt he will bring a velocity and intensity to our sales operations as we continue to look for ways to generate greater value for our customers.”

For the past seven year, Keffer has served as an executive in the over-the-road transportation industry, but his four-decade journey through the heavy equipment and transportation business began with a position as a parts expediter in Tucson, Ariz. He has worked in parts, sales, operations management, and executive management in manufacturing, equipment dealerships and equipment rental for 27 years.

Kirby-Smith Machinery, based in Oklahoma City, is No. 38 on the RER 100.