More than 2,000 runners, riders and spectators participated in JCB’s third annual Mud Run and first Dig the Ride cycling event at the company’s North American headquarters in Savannah, Ga. Proceeds from the event, more than $100,000, was presented to The Lady Bamford Center for Early Childhood Development.

JCB’s Mud Run consisted of teams of two making their way through a sloppy five-mile course spread across JCB’s 1,000-acre campus. Dig the Ride was an all-terrain cycling event, a five-mile course with limbs, drops, bridges, berms, speed-oriented passing stretches and light obstacles.

The Lady Bamford Center provides education and social skills development to children from six weeks to five years of age, offering priority admission to children from homeless and low-income families, as well as children with physical, mental or emotional challenges.