General Pipe Cleaners presented its Outstanding Performance Award to manufacturers’ rep Rick Beal of Beal Enterprises, Pasadena, Calif. Marty Silverman, director of marketing for GPC told RER that the OPA is a special award given out only six times in the 80-plus-years of the company’s history.

“Rick received the award for consistent strong sales over the years, for spending many hours helping us in the ARA show booth, for enthusiastic assistance on special projects in his territory, and a positive attitude and rapport with his customers and our CSR staff,” Silverman said. “Rick is also the first rental rep to receive this award.”

GPC presented the award during a surprise ceremony at the General Pipe Cleaners booth at the Rental Show in Orlando, Fla. As is usually the case at The Rental Show, the General Pipe booth was one of the busiest on the show floor.