Cummins announced that its Sulfur Tolerance Kit, designed to allow export of emissions-compliant equipment into global regions without access to ultra-low-sulfur diesel fuel is now available.

The kit is designed to increase resale value and marketability of used equipment that meets U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Tier 4 and European Union Stage IIB/IV standards by allowing its export into countries that lack access to ULSD fuel.

“The release of Cummins Sulfur Tolerance Kit broadens resale opportunity for customers, allowing them to sell used emissions-compliant equipment into non-emissionized countries,” said Hugh Foden, Cummins executive director, off highway business. “Additionally, the kits increase the flexibility of Cummins products, making them capable of operating globally, and ensuring that subsequent owners experience the same reliability and durability that customers expect from Cummins.”

Meeting emissions regulations in North America and Europe requires the use of ULSD fuels, which contain fewer than 15 parts per million of sulfur, to reduce particulate matter, soot and sulfur dioxide. The CSTK allows an engine to be operated on fuels containing for more sulfur than ULSD fuel – up to 5,000 ppm – by removing after-treatment components and modifying the engine control system, enabling a second life for the engine outside of regulated regions.

The kits are currently available for the QSB6.7, QSL9 and QSX15 engines and will be extended across the entire product lineup during 2016.

Information on the purchase and installation of the STK is available from Cummins distributors or at