A new rental center known as Bighorn Rental and Sales will open next week in East Helena, Mont., in the location closed down in April by Titan Machinery, the Helena Independent Record reported. Hodick served as manager of Titan Rental before Titan decided to close the branch and for eight years before that he managed the rental center when it was known as East Helena Rental.

Titan acquired the business in 2012 from Patti and Lee Scott, and signed a five-year lease on the property. Earlier this year, Titan suddenly decided to close eight rental stores, including three in Montana.

Hodick, who had the goal of owning the equipment rental store when he came to work there 10 years ago, lost his job with the closure. A month later he approached Titan with a plan to re-open the rental center on his own. Hodick told the Independent Record that Titan was cooperative from the beginning, even selling Hodick some of the equipment that was left behind at the location.

A veteran of 15 years in the rental industry, Hodick has experience and a strong belief that the community will be able to support the new business, which will open for rental next week and be fully operational by the end of the month.