Honda Power Equipment markets a complete line of portable water pumps for a wide variety of agricultural, construction, rental, and residential applications.  The product line consists of a number of different models in four different categories – de-watering, construction, multi-purpose, and submersible series.

While most Honda general purpose de-watering pumps are for moving relatively clean water, the construction – or trash – pumps are used for pumping water contaminated with sticks, leaves, stones and other waste materials.  Honda’s trash pumps are specially designed for job sites and applications where high volume trash water capacity is required.  Honda’s construction pumps are also designed for heavy-duty commercial and agricultural applications.

The WMP20XA is especially designed to pump various industrial and agricultural chemicals in addition to clear water applications.  The WMP series pump features EPDM seals for chemical resistance, a reinforced thermoplastic pump housing and impeller, and full frame protection with vibration-damping mounts.