Dynapac is launching its new compact asphalt tandem roller, the CC1100-1200. The sixth generation of these rollers will immediately become available in the company's new red, white and grey color scheme.

“Red has always been a significant color for Dynapac, and when investigating the brand values, the red color was among the top recognition factors,” says Herman Matthyssen, Global Vice President Marketing. “The new colors also underline the uniqueness of the Dynapac brand, now part of the Fayat Group.”

The new colors support the future image and spirit of the Dynapac brand, underlining also the innovative character of its products, and the modern design lines.

The new CC1100/CC1200 generation VI has a unique design with its cross-mounted engine in combination with an improved visibility and massive casted forks with built-in flexible lifting/towing/tie down possibilities.