Bomag introduces the ECONOMIZER as an optional feature on its BW138AD-5 roller, bringing compaction measurement technology for the first time to its mid-size tandem vibratory rollers. The ECONOMIZER system saves time and money by providing operators with real-time data, thereby allowing continuous control of the compaction process.

The BW138AD-5 ECONOMIZER uses an acceleration sensor to measure the stiffness of the target material across the entire compacted area. Data from the sensor is instantly displayed via a series of 10 yellow LED lights on the roller’s instrument panel. The number of illuminated lights on the LED display increases in conjunction with increased compaction levels, allowing the operator to quickly react to changing conditions and ultimately produce smooth, consistent compaction results.

The ECONOMIZER signifies that maximum compaction has been achieved when the number of illuminated lights does not increase with subsequent roller passes. This technology is engineered to effectively save time and money by helping operators avoid making additional passes beyond the point of optimal compaction. Additionally, a red LED light on the display warns of potential over-compaction, preventing fractured aggregate. A sudden drop in the number of lit LED lights indicates a weak spot in the material, allowing operators to immediately analyze and remedy that particular area of the project.

Powered by a Tier 4i 45.3-hp, water-cooled Kubota diesel engine, the BW138AD-5 delivers a maximum centrifugal force of 10,800 pounds. Offering a working width of 54.3 inches, the roller includes larger 35.4-inch diameter drums and provides dual vibration frequencies of 3,480 or 2,820 vpm for more efficient compaction and better surface quality results.