PFW Systems Corp., a business unit of the ADP Dealer Services Division, released its latest Dealer Management System update, designed to help dealerships conduct more advanced business analysis and share information more easily within the dealership and with customers. The new system offers capabilities in the area of data analytics. 

“As dealerships become larger and more sophisticated, the business systems they use need to evolve and change accordingly,” said Frank DeDecker, director of product management and market relations for PFW. “IntelliDealer Insight takes some major steps forward in delivering tools that will become a larger part of a dealership’s management toolbox.”

The Advance Analytics application is designed to make it easier for managers to analyze and create new insights from the information that’s available across dealership departments.

“We believe that data and analytics will become increasingly important in the management of heavy equipment dealerships,” DeDecker added. “As proven in other industries, a more data-driven culture can drive higher levels of customer service, competitive differentiation and increased profits.”

PFW is headquartered in London, Ontario, Canada.