Orion Software last week completed its integration with Quickbooks and is now Quickbooks Proadvisor, complementing its vision of a real-time integration solution.

Orion’s SiriusPro product is now available with a “wall-to-wall” integration with QuickBooks. The new solution combines rental best practices with the QuickBooks accounting system. Every point of integration is in real-time and seamlessly reflected across both software solutions. The new solution offers the management of equipment availability, rental billing, customer credit verification and purchasing.

“For small to mid-sized rental companies, this is the solution they’ve been looking for many years,” said Patrice Boivin, president and CEO of Orion Software. “Quickbooks is now so powerful that the integration with SiriusPro makes it the most efficient solution in the market.”

Orion Software is a provider of rental management software for the global rental market. From its inception, it has developed and distributed its specialized rental solutions designed to manage the entire range of rental business processes using industry best practices.