RER speaks with inspHire managing director Graham Dobbs about web-based apps, mobile solutions, and how software facilitates quicker decision-making.

RER: What have been the most important developments/trends in rental-related software in the past year?

Dobbs: The world today is driven by technology – it’s revolutionized how people go about their day-to-day lives both at work and at home. The increasing use of web-based apps and mobile solutions in rental-related software has never been more influential than it is today. Having access to the information you need is important but, having access to the information you need when you need it is critical. It helps businesses make important decisions that will have a positive effect on business, increase productivity and save time and money. Mobile solutions have been the most important trend for rental software, people are increasingly working on tablets and phones. Now apps and mobile solutions are making it easier to work on the move, allowing workers to capture data immediately in real time with no mistakes updating systems back at the store. 

What do you expect will be the most important development/trend in the coming year or so?

Technology has also driven changes in the way businesses serve their customers. Customer service has always been important and always will be, but software solutions that help deliver better customer service will be more in demand. That’s why inspHire has designed a secure, personalized platform that allows rental companies’ customers to self-serve. inspHire WebPortal gives user access to the information they need when they need it. Having rental information at their fingertips will encourage customers to use more of the service on offer.

Rental companies will also want rental software to offer an integrated CRM solution. Businesses now understand the importance of customer relationship management and want a comprehensive platform that will enhance customer loyalty and prospect management.  

What have been the most overlooked features of rental-related software in the past year or so – on other words available features that rental companies tend to not take advantage of?

Mobile workforce solutions often get overlooked; many rental companies don’t realize the benefits they offer. Having the ability to access rental data in the field and perform changes on the move can be a differentiator for businesses; it improves efficiencies, cuts costs and reduces admin. inspHire Mobile manages the entire rental process from rental, sales to service. It allows businesses to complete deliveries and pickups, book items in and out of service and repair, process breakdowns, enter test results, record meter readings, attach operator timesheets and create legally binding certificates. This extensive tool is a great time saver and allows workforces to be much more productive.

How can software help rental companies do delivery more efficiently?

We have seen many rental businesses needing functionality that will help them improve the efficiency of deliveries and pickups. They want to be able to capture signatures, take pre- delivery inspection photos as well as off-rent damage photos and complete deliveries, pickups and exchanges in the field, on the go. inspHire Mobile can help them do all this and more!

How can software help with fleet management?

Routing functionality is helping companies maximize efficiency when planning deliveries and pickups reducing costs and saving time. Getting better utilization and a better return on their delivery fleet. 

Maximizing rental fleet utilization is critical and essential for an efficient business. inspHire helps business owners track how their fleet is doing by reporting return on investment, costs of maintenance plans and schedules servicing. Providing this through graphical dashboards and exception reporting means decisions can be made quicker and with more certainty. Reacting in time saves thousands of dollars in costs and lost revenue by preventing down time of equipment.  

How can software help with running the shop more efficiently?

Web portals for customers will be used to check the service history and show certification of equipment they have on hire as well as getting user manuals and user instructions just by scanning a Q code or bar code. This will help rental companies continue to provide a responsive and reliable service.