RER interviews Genisys2 Software’s chief operating officer about using software to drive efficiency and ROI, making software mobile, and improving fleet management and shop functionality.


RER: What have been the most important developments/trends in rental-related software in the past year?

Piekarski:  We are experiencing much more interest in business intelligence and how to use software to drive efficiency and ROI. Two primary areas of interest include new stores added due to expansion and more efficient equipment management. For our clients in the equipment industry, we incorporate machine utilization, preventive maintenance, GPS delivery tracking and route optimization which are all efficiency opportunities.

What do you expect will be the most important development/trend in the coming year or so?

Piekarski: Genisys 2 expects to see more interest in cloud-based solutions. For our next release, we are working on the development of a “true” cloud based opportunity for rental companies that incorporates a more up to date and secure database solution, such as Microsoft SQL. Our solution will help our clients keep up to date with the latest technology without the capital expense associated with constant software and hardware changes. Obviously, a mobile version of the software to keep up with the times will be an important development and a relief for many.

What have been the most overlooked features of rental-related software in the past year or so – in other words available features that rental companies tend to not take advantage of?

Piekarski: Most rental companies have barely begun to utilize software generated Business Intelligence to optimize ROI. There are many managers that either don’t have access to any real time data due to software limitations, or really don’t know how to use data available from their software.

Furthermore, we find that constant training and communication with our clients keeps them aware of all the updates and features that are constantly added to our software. Recent examples are the Recall & Warranty Alert Functionality, Region Specific Accounting, Meters/Fuel Tank Measurements, Rental History and Service History Reporting.

How can software help rental companies do delivery more efficiently?

Piekarski: Our software reduces equipment down time, increases equipment utilization, allows for faster delivery, route efficiencies and precise truck and driver management. This can be supported by mobile devices to make delivery more efficient. Additionally, the integration of Telematics and GPS tracking all lead to more efficient delivery of equipment and increased profitability. Much of the industry has only just begun to fully understand the true efficiency impact of a technology supported delivery system.

How can software help with fleet management?

Piekarski: Genisys 2 Rental Software can help with fleet management by presenting useful real-time data to users regarding utilization and equipment maintenance to help identify trends and tendencies. Be it real-time dashboards, or historical data reporting, our current software and new release will assist our clients to maximize the efficient management of their fleets, resulting in increased profits.

How can software help with running the shop more efficiently? 

Piekarski: The key to ROI is about availability when the customer needs the equipment and rapid deployment. For example, G2 enables our clients to align their inventory availability, seasonal items and special pricing with individual and premier customers. Additionally, the software will allow dispatching and counter personnel to match the right resource to the right customer at the right time. It can also help identify weaknesses in the operation by tracking lost sales/rentals, busy times of day when staff could be increased. Lastly, it provides quick methods of needed functionality such as transferring equipment, putting equipment in/out of shop, and the general elements involved in a rental or return.