Advanced Concrete Screeds LLC has purchased the assets of Advanced Concrete Tools Co. and is now manufacturing the Black Beauty Power Screed, the Silver Beauty Power Screed and the Equilateral Screed Bars used by these two tools.

The Black Beauty and Silver Beauty are concrete power vibratory screeds designed to provide professional concrete contractors years of strong performance. Advanced Concrete Screeds has already made a few quality improvements to the tools to enhance their durability, the company said.

“We have taken several steps to ensure that we will have Black Beauty and Silver Beauty products in stock and be able to promptly fill orders from our dealers,” said Larry Steele of Advanced Concrete Screeds. “Production of Black Beauties, silver Beauties and the Equilateral Screed Bars has been increased and inventories of component parts and finished products are already in good shape. By January 15th, we will have sufficient inventory to very promptly fill all dealer orders.”

All of Advanced’s tools are sold through its dealer network.