To celebrate its 70 years in business Holdrege, Neb.-based Allmand Bros. introduced two new light tower technologies earlier this month at ConExpo — the new V Series vertical light tower design and the new SHO-HD lighting system.

With the V Series design, the light mast retracts and telescopes in and out of its own housing, resulting in easier setup, simplified shipping, towing and storage, also reducing potential for jobsite damage. The V Series configuration features an electric winch, which allows the mast to be completely raised and lowered in 20 seconds. The tower is still vertical when retracted, making accurate fixture adjustment simpler. The fixtures are designed to firmly hold their adjusted position as the tower is raised and the lights can be operated at any height.

The SHO-HD lighting system technology is designed to deliver brighter and whiter light. Featuring 1,250-watt lamps and ballasts, the SHO-HD produces 150,000 lumens per lamp, a 36-percent increase over the 110,000-lumen output of standard 1,000-watt lamps. With an enhanced color rendering index of 70 CRI and higher Kelvin color temperature of 3,954 K — compared with 65 CRI and 3,700 K for standard 1,000-watt lamps — the SHO-HD is designed to emit a whiter light and provide improved color recognition for workers on the jobsite.

Allmand Bros. began in 1938 as a small manufacturer of arc welders. It introduced the industry’s first portable light tower in 1954. It also manufactures compact tractor-loader-backhoes, jobsite heaters and arrowboards.