Here are just a few of the many products shown at The Rental Show in Las Vegas in February.

Kanga Loaders

Kanga Loaders introduces a specialized concrete breaker attachment (pictured). Designed for external and internal demolition, the machine can work in tight corners and small spaces that larger machines cannot reach. Kanga's other new attachment, the vinyl stripper removes vinyl flooring, including linoleum and vinyl tiles. The stripper is suited for heavy-duty stripping work in commercial property. The Kanga skid steer can both strip the floor and do the cleanup, adding to the machine's versatility.
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Godwin Pumps

Godwin Pumps' Hush-Power generators feature a programmable microprocessor control panel with push-button programming for preheating of glow plugs, range of low fuel shutdown and service schedule. The panel monitors, protects, and controls engine and generator operations with automatic warning and shutdown features. A universal control panel for all models provides easy, cost-effective field interchangeability. Heavy-duty sound attenuated aluminum enclosure with stainless-steel hardware provides quiet operation — 68 dBA at 23 feet — and rust-free weather protection.
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The new Stow Cutter 3 Slab Saws are designed for strength, durability and performance for a range of asphalt and concrete cutting applications. The Stow Cutter 3 is available with a 20-inch blade guard and handles 16-, 18- and 20-inch blades. The saw is available in self-propelled or push versions. The two push models offer a 7.5-hp, 203-volt electric motor or a 13-hp Honda Cyclone engine. The three self-propelled units are powered with 13-hp or 20-hp Honda Cyclone engines. The Cutter 3 has a reinforced steel box frame that resists warping and adds the strength necessary to reduce vibrations during operation.
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Multiquip's HSC combination blades feature several improvements over the original design, including increased core thickness, additional cooling holes and a new gullet configuration. The improvements are designed to make the HSC less susceptible to damage from operator error. The diamond blades, available in 12- to 20-inch diameters, cut concrete, asphalt, brick, block, pavers, soft stone, and roof tile. All can be used on high-speed cut-off saws, low horsepower walk-behind saws and stationery masonry saws.
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The Night-Lite PRO series of portable light towers come with Allmand's durable SHO lighting system as standard equipment. The Night-Lite PRO engine-generator package includes an 1,800-rpm, liquid-cooled diesel engine and a 6-kilowatt generator. The 10.5-hp engine offers indirect injection for quiet operation and requires oil changes only every 200 hours. Other features include automatic shutdown for low oil pressure and high engine temperature and a glow plug cold-start aid. The Night-Lite PRO series features a molded, 30-gallon seamless polyethylene fuel tank for up to 60 hours of continuous operation.
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Lincoln Electric

Lincoln Electric's Air Vantage 500 offers a welder, generator and air compressor all in one unit. A direct gear-driven air compressor eliminates the maintenance because there are no belts or clutches to wear out. Rated at 60 cfm, 100 psi at 100-percent duty cycles, the compressor pumps out enough air for arc gouging, plasma cutting or almost any air tool. The unit comes standard with up to 20,000 watts of three-phase 240-volt AC generator power. The unit's stainless-steel roof, side panels and engine-access door provide durability and corrosion resistance.
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The new 5031A aerial work platform from Bil-Jax offers a hydraulic jib for greater range of motion. Hydraulic basket rotation is used for platform positioning, providing greater access to overhead work areas. The trailer-mounted boom features 56 feet of working height and a telescopic upper boom beam providing a total outreach of 31 feet. This also provides for additional side reach at lower working heights. The 5031A is available with 24-volt DC battery power and charger, an 8-hp gasoline engine, or dual-power option. Proportional controls are standard and allow for smooth operation.
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Toro's new DD 612 high-speed trencher attachment offers a powerful direct drive system. With maximum power delivered to the trencher at all times, the unit is able to work through the toughest jobsite conditions while also allowing for shock/overload protection when required. This translates into higher productivity and reduced downtime by eliminating belts and chains in the drive system. Additionally, the hydraulic drive allows the trencher chain to be reversed to clear jamming in tough conditions and to provide a method for backfilling and leveling trenches. For maximum flexibility, the DD 612 trencher attachment allows for both a 2- and 3-foot boom configuration.
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Atlas Copco

Atlas Copco's TEX 39H hydraulic hand-held breaker weighs in at 71 pounds. While heavier than other breakers in the line, the unit's weight is equally distributed over the 29.9-inch-long frame, which allows for greater operator comfort and control with the standard T-style handle. Requiring a Class D power source with a hydraulic oil flow of 7.9 gpm and working pressures of 1,520 to 1,810 psi, the TEX 39H produces an impact frequency of 1,150 bpm. The TEX 39H has been designed with fewer parts than other hydraulic breakers to simplify repairs and reduce operating costs.
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Result Group

The Result Group's rentalresult is an integrated business management solution designed specifically to fulfill the needs of rental companies. The software features customizable transactions, screen layouts and field names. The system also offers real-time view of reservations and availability within a branch, region, company or across multiple companies. Users also have full audit control for all financial and operational activities. The software also allows multiple level pricing policies based on product type at company, branch, customer and at transaction level, as well as discount-based pricing by duration, quantity, maximum and minimum values.
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The HA 100 JRT articulated boom is now available for the first time in North America. It is the highest of the Haulotte platforms and is designed to meet the needs of 105-foot working height. It features a 69-foot, 11-inch outreach and a 37-foot, 3-inch up and over clearance. Other features include 4-wheel drive and steer, a 15-inch ground clearance, two extended axles and the hydraulic differential lock system. For maximum accessibility, the unit offers continuous 360-degree turntable rotation, flying jib motion and 180-degree platform rotation.
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Ground Heaters

The new E2200 Ground Heater, which replaces the E1700 unit, incorporates more hose, more pumps and a more powerful hydronic heater than the previous model. The E2200 can thaw up to 3,300 square feet of frozen ground at a rate of 1-foot-deep per day and can also heat up to 4,000-square-feet of ground indoors or out, to prepare for concrete placement to prevent frost penetration or to assure proper concrete curing. The unit includes 2,200 feet of Heat Transfer Hose, a 252,000 Btu/hour hydronic heater — 68-percent greater than the previous E1700 model.
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Bomag Light Equipment

Bomag Light Equipment introduces the new BW100AD-4 tandem ride-on vibratory roller. With an operating weight of 5,291 pounds and 39.4-inch-wide drums, the unit is powered by a 33.7-hp, 3-cylinder water-cooled Kubota diesel engine. Producing up to 8,550 pounds of centrifugal force per drum, the new roller offers a performance increase of 15 percent compared to the model it replaces. Fuel tank capacity is now 10.6 gallons (up 15 percent) and the water tank can hold 58.1 gallons, a 22-percent increase over previous models. A crab-walk feature allows the operator to offset the roller's rear drum up to 1.5 inches in either direction.
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John Deere

John Deere introduces its new 180C W and 210C W wheeled excavators. Using the same hydraulic system as the company's crawler excavators, they offer the same powerful and predictable operation. The units feature one work mode that allows the operator to work in a variety of applications — from trenching to grading — without having to change modes. Two factory-designed optional auxiliary hydraulic kits increase versatility. The first is designed for lower pressure, lower flow applications like bucket tilt or bucket swinger attachments, while the second is a high pressure, high flow kit for hammers/breakers.
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Volvo introduces a line of four short-swing compact excavators, complementing its existing seven-model lineup. The new line — the ECR28, ECR38, ECR58 and ECR88 — features a swing-system rear frame and counterweight. The units feature direct-injection Volvo diesel engines.
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Komatsu introduces the new PC18MR-2 and PC20MR-2 hydraulic excavators to its MR-2 series of compact excavators, designed for contractors working in construction, utility, landscaping and other applications. The unit has an operating weight of 4,090 pounds, a Komatsu 3D67E-5 engine rated at 15 hp at 2,600 rpm, an arm crowd force of 2,230 pounds, a drawbar pull of 3,750 pounds and a maximum digging force of 3,570 pounds. The units are built with Komatsu's patented HydrauMind hydraulic system, a pressure-regulated CLSS system that is designed to ensure that each actuator works according to its control input regardless of the size of the load, enhancing operator control.
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Bobcat introduces its T140 track loader, designed to work more productively in mud, sand or other soft ground conditions. The new radius lift path loader is only 56 inches wide and 124 inches long with bucket, with a 1,400-pound rated operating capacity. The unit has a turf-friendly lug track that distributes the operating weight of the 6,424-pound loader over a larger area, resulting in a 5-psi ground pressure, minimizing damage to landscapes, paving stones and other surfaces. The rubber-track undercarriage is designed to provide improved traction and flotation with minimal ground disturbance.
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Potain introduces three self-erecting cranes, the Igo 50, the Igo MA 21 and the HDT 80 (pictured). Popular in Europe for material-handling applications on residential jobs and small construction sites, the Igo 50 can lift up to 4.4 tons and can handle 1.1 tons at its 131-foot jib end. Height under hook for the unit is 76 feet and its footprint is 14.7 feet by 14.7 feet. The HDT 80 has a maximum load capacity of 6.6 tons and has a 1.5-ton capacity at its 148-foot jib end.

Consigli Construction based in Milford, Mass., specializes in the restoration of historic facilities. “We couldn't afford to disturb the terrain when dismantling and erecting buildings that may be more than 150 years old,” says equipment manager Mike Invernizzi. “But the Potain cranes performed beautifully on the project.”
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Kubota Tractor Corp.

Kubota Tractor Corp. introduces the L39 tractor/loader/back-hoe. Powered by Kubota's 39-hp diesel engine, special balancers are designed to provide lower noise and vibration levels. The transmission is an electronically controlled hydraulic Glide shift transmission with 12/F/8R speeds. The L-39 features the shuttle shift, allowing the operator to shift from forward to reverse and back again without clutching or braking. The L-39 delivers 3,560 pounds of breakout force, 2,200 pounds of lift capacity and 9 feet, 6 inches lift height. Kubota's exclusive IntelliPanel display shows the tractor's current working status and reminds the operator when maintenance is due.
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Cummins launched its next-generation QSB engines, which feature enhancements for superior performance, durability and reduced noise. The new engines meet EPA Tier III emissions requirements. Features include advanced electronics, new sculpted blocks, rear gear trains and high-pressure common-rail fuel systems. The QSB engines, rated from 110 to 275 hp, are available in both a 4- and 6-cylinder platform.
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