Multiquip introduces the redesigned Rammax HHMR roller. The walk-behind trench roller has a centrifugal force of 18,450 pounds, and extreme angles of 55 percent can be compacted without vibration and 45 percent with vibration.

Larry Price, director of marketing and advertising, points out that there are fewer mechanical repairs because of the design of this roller, and adds, “It addresses the particulars of dirt's effect on engines with a precleaner.”

The unibody construction completely eliminates body hardware, making the product stronger and less vulnerable to worksite damage. Collapsible control handles fold away within a completely enclosable cockpit, protecting handles from dirt contamination and possible damage.

The air intake filter is situated at the roller's highest point to inhibit dirt from entering the engine, and cyclone filters can be added as a further safeguard in high dust conditions. A clamshell hood design offers easy access to all engine maintenance areas.

The machine can be operated in one of three ways: via solar infrared remote, manual controls or through an umbilical cord. Units are available in widths of 33 or 24 inches with a choice of solar remote or manual controls. Two independent control circuits, one manual and one remote, guarantee functionality and versatility. The roller has a 5-year warranty and a large vibrator system for faster compaction.
RS # 142

Engine: 18.5 horsepower 2G40
Amplitude: 2.2 inches
VPM: 1,800