The E 5000 hydronic heater from Wacker Neuson Climate Technology is equipped with a pump system designed to provide the flow and pressure necessary to delivery maximum performance for thaw, cure, frost prevention and air heat operations, all without the use of additional booster pumps. The E 5000 features 83-percent heater efficiency with 860,000 BTU per hour input, and has the ability to thaw frozen ground at a rate of up to one foot deep per day. The E 5000 comes standard with 5,000 feet of heat transfer hose, allowing it to thaw or cure up to 10,000 square feet per day. The unit’s heat transfer hose can be placed over concrete slabs on grade, elevated slabs, poured walls or columns to help speed the curing process. An onboard remote manifold and enhanced pump system allow the E 5000 to be converted to provide safe, clean, indirect-fired air heat without the introduction of combustion byproducts or open flame into the jobsite interior.