Western Global has formed Fuel Solutions Group to offer dedicated resources and processes for complex projects involving fuel storage and dispensing. With more than 50 years of experience, Western Global is a well-known name in fuel storage with innovative cube-shaped tanks and modular designs that increase efficiency on worksites around the world. By continually focusing on the end-user, Western Global’s product engineers have created fuel tanks with multiple worldwide approvals that can be used in nearly every fueling application and at any location.

To better serve customers with customized fueling solutions, Western Global created the Fuel Solutions Group. The group is a dedicated team of engineering, compliance and project management professionals who specialize in the design, assembly and installation of turnkey solutions for large operations requiring fuel storage and dispensing.

“Western Global has engineered a variety of customized fueling solutions over the years but not in a formalized manner,” said Bob Lennox, Fuel Solutions Group sales lead. “As the fueling needs of large or remote jobsites become more complicated, we realized customers want and need a full-solution provider to avoid headaches and save resources. The launch of the Fuel Solutions Group does that. We are now able to offer those customers a simple process, a single point of contact and allocated resources to complete their projects on time and within budget.”

The process begins with a consultation, where the group meets with the client to discuss the full scope and requirements of their fueling operation. After all the necessary information is gathered, the design and engineering team move forward with a detailed proposal that aligns with the project’s requirements. Specialists in electrical, mechanical and regulatory review are involved to ensure the customer’s package is specified correctly from concept to completion. A finished fueling package might include pumping, metering, filtration and electrical components. Western Global’s assembly team installs all components prior to deployment to minimize site work, resulting in a turnkey, customized fueling solution delivered to the customer ready for use.

With decades of experience, dedicated resources and a record of success navigating the challenges of different industries, the Fuel Solutions Group can engineer a solution to overcome nearly any fuel-supply challenge. Additionally, embedded management processes are designed to ensure quality and safety throughout the process.

“Our team has led the way and provided approved engineering designs for a diverse client base across multiple applications involving fuel storage and distribution. In each of these projects, our engineers exceeded client expectations, helping ensure mission success,” Lennox said.

Recent projects developed and managed by the Fuel Solutions Group include a major fuel system for a downhole mine site, an auxiliary fuel supply for diesel-fired heat units at a cement batch plant, and fleet fueling for a mining operation in an arctic climate as well as setting up tank farms in remote locations.

Western Global is an international designer and manufacturer of industry-leading tanks and equipment for fuel and fluid handling. Building on a legacy that spans five decades, Western Global offers a wide range of solutions for the safe transportation and storage of fuel, diesel exhaust fluid, lubricants and more.