The Manitowoc Cranes smartphone app that helps customers diagnose technical issues on their cranes has been updated. The free app enables users to understand their numeric diagnostic codes that are generated by their on-board control systems. The free smartphone app is available for IOS and Android devices. New diagnostic codes have been added for National Crane NBT Boomtruck models and select Grove mobile cranes.

In addition to diagnostic codes for Grove and Manitowoc branded cranes that run on Manitowoc’s Crane Control System and GMK cranes with ECOS1 and ECOS2 systems, the app now provides diagnostic codes for National Crane models NBT30H-2, NBT50, NBT55, NTC55 and NBT60 and for select Grove and National Crane rated capacity limiter systems.

The latest version of the smartphone app is available now for free in both the App Store (Apple) and Google Play (Android) by searching for “Manitowoc Diagnostic Code App.”