Makinex Construction Products has teamed up with Stephenson’s-Lowe’s Rentals – rental departments run by Toronto-based Stephenson’s Rental Services inside Lowe’s Home Improvement stores in Canada – to offer Makinex’s jackhammer trolley and tile smasher head combo.

A predominant storefront window graphic has been installed which displays the products, letting customers know they are available for rent at those locations. The graphics are currently displayed at 23 locations in Alberta, Ontario and Quebec. The graphics will be added to a minimum of four additional locations by the end of 2019, the company said.

The Makinex jackhammer trolley in conjunction with the tile smasher head are widely used in the flooring industry for removal, demolition and surface preparation tasks. They were designed to take a large part of the weight, vibration and impact of a jackhammer off the operator. These products provide reduced labor time and operator fatigue, resulting in completing jobs up to six times faster, says Makinex staff.

Stephenson’s-Lowe’s locations offer a variety of products serving homeowners, contractors and builders.