Bronto Skylift, a leading manufacturer of truck-mounted aerial work platforms, has named TGM Wind Services LLC, an AWP rental specialist, as distributor for Bronto products in the states of Arkansas, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Louisiana, Michigan, New Mexico, Ohio, Oklahoma and Texas. 

This expanding partnership with Bronto Skylift will enable a steady and continuous growth for TGM in the U.S. market and provide more opportunities for end-users to expand the usage of truck-mounted AWPs in new markets beyond the wind-power and electric utility industry.

The relationship between Bronto and TGM began in 2009, and since then TGM has been an innovator and leader in the rental of AWPs not only to the wind generation industry, but also to all industries requiring high-level overhead access, including petro-chem, power generation plants, TV media and electrical utility transmission maintenance. Today, TGM owns 19 Bronto units ranging in working heights from 150 feet to 295 feet and is the fastest-growing private customer of Bronto Skylift in the U.S.