Wholesale rental company and re-rental specialist Acme Lift Co. has taken delivery of one of the first Genie SX-180 boomlifts to come off the assembly line. The machine – the world’s tallest self-propelled telescopic aerial boomlift – was immediately rented and delivered to an oil refinery in Houston.

“As aerial lifts continue to evolve, jobsite working height and work envelope requirements continue to increase,” said Woody Weld, chairman and CEO of Acme Lift, which specializes in the latest and biggest boomlifts. “Up to now, no solution existed for the over 150-foot reach requirement for self-propelled aerial manlifts. Unfortunately, that high work could only be performed by cranes with attached or suspended man baskets in the past. Now that 180-foot aerial lifts have arrived, we will have a faster and safer way for workers to reach those extended heights, and these new lifts will provide a more solid working platform as well.”

Weld added that Acme Lift “will invest heavily to grow our new 180-foot self-propelled aerial lift fleet so that rental companies may have access to these units every day and everywhere. Because these new units are also relatively easy to transport, we believe they will become a very important part of the Acme Lift rental fleet.”

The Genie SX-180 boomlift is designed to be easily transported for applications in the oil and natural gas industries, as well as commercial construction, industrial construction and maintenance, and general maintenance. The unit is designed to be driven at full height.

Acme Lift Co., Mesa, Ariz., is No. 59 on the RER 100.