IPA's 9046F Pneumatic Fuel Tank Sweeper system removes debris, impurities and water from contaminated diesel fuel, fuel oil and kerosene. The 9046F utilizes a diaphragm pump and panel mount controls. It incorporates a spill-free, drain-down design with custom accessories such as a flow-through brush.

The Pneumatic Fuel Tank Sweeper can be used to bulk transfer (up to 26 gpm) or filter/polish diesel fuel, fuel oil and kerosene on fleet trucks, off-road equipment and stationary holding tanks.

The Pneumatic Fuel Tank Sweeper system includes an extra 17-micron filter, an extra 30-micron filter, an 11-foot intake hose, an 11-foot output hose, a 5-foot 1-inch diameter rigid wand, 5-foot ¾-inch diameter flex wand with flow-through brush, 5-foot ¾-inch dimeter flex wand, 5-foot ½-inch diameter flex wand, a chassis ground cable and a quick-disconnect ball valve. It is built on a steel cart with 10-inch pneumatic tires, and features a 2-year warranty.