Dewalt introduces the new Multi-Functional Utility (MFU) Bar, designed to eliminate the need for multiple tools on the jobsite. Available in two sizes -- 30-inches and 40-inches -- the MFU Bar can be used for ripping, striking, prying and scraping applications.

The MFU Bar features a hardened striking surface manufactured with 7/8-inch tri-lobe stock for durability, a gooseneck head for board grabbing, and an extra-wide pry end designed with precision ground edges.  While the MFU Bar can be used for prying applications, it also makes adjusting boards in the floor or a wall a easier by providing a pivot leverage point, giving the user a mechanical advantage. The angled foot at the bottom of the MFU Bar also offers leverage while scraping or lifting during the demolition process. The nail puller located at the bottom of the bar helps remove stubborn nails.