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Oct 01, 2015

Expect the Unexpected 

The new “normal” is to expect the unexpected. The first 15 years of this century should have taught us that much at least....More
Sep 01, 2015

Selling the Concept of Preparation8

While nobody wants to see tragedy strike, the reality is that natural disasters and electricity outages result in opportunities for the rental....More
Aug 01, 2015

Challenges in Building and the Fickle Stock Market11

No matter what part of the country you live in, environmental consciousness and regulations such as LEED are taking hold and will sooner or later be....More
Jun 22, 2015

An Investment Boosts Confidence in the Rental Industry9

Jana Partners, a major investment firm, has acquired a 6-percent ownership stake in United Rentals. This show of confidence in United Rentals has....More
Jun 22, 2015

Highlights from a Great Year11

It was definitely a great year for the RER 100. Starting at the top, United Rentals came close to $5 billion in rental revenue, more than doubling....More
Apr 03, 2015

Defining Your Business Can Go a Long Way10

While sometimes rental operation descriptions aren’t fully defined or inclusive and many rental companies are hybrids to one degree or another, in....More
Apr 01, 2015

New Efforts to Fight Equipment Theft

Yes people still steal equipment the old-fashioned way, backing up a truck to a rental center in the middle of the night, loading up with machines....More
Jan 15, 2015

Chris Watts Prepared Well for Sunstate CEO Role5

Sunstate Equipment has for decades been one of the most admired companies in the equipment rental industry and deservedly so....More
Dec 11, 2014

The Multi-Family Trend54

I’ll never forget buying my first house. I’ve lived there for 20+ years. It was the first house I bought and I’m still there although considering....More
Sep 22, 2014

Anticipate the Need9

Have you heard the now over-used cliché phrase that every company wants to “exceed customers’ expectations?” It completely....More
Jun 25, 2014

It Takes a Time and Collaboration to Reach 20 Million8

Designing the engine to reduce the required emissions and work just as well if not better than ever is one challenge. Getting it to fit the machines....More
Mar 28, 2014

In Airplanes and Aerial Work Platforms, Safety is Key6

Whether an aerial work platform goes up 180 feet, 185 feet, or 12 feet, safety is paramount....More
Jan 07, 2014

The Platinum Equity-Volvo Rents Acquisition DECODED12

As the second mega-transaction announced within the rental industry in the past 24 months (remember the United-RSC merger in December, 2011?), the....More
Nov 11, 2013

Creators and Inventors37

One of the true innovative pioneers of the rental industry, John Doran, passed away this past weekend. You can read our obituary at: http://rermag....More
Oct 23, 2013

Don’t Hire Cowboys5

As I write this I’m sitting at Gate B6 in Chicago’s O-Hare Airport waiting for my return flight to Kansas City. I’ve spent the....More

Michael Roth

Michael Roth has covered the equipment rental industry full time for RER since 1989 and has served as the magazine’s editor in chief since 1994. He has nearly 30 years experience as a...

Gary Stansberry

Gary Stansberry is president of The Stansberry Firm LLC and specializes in business sales, fair market business valuations, operational consulting and positioning businesses to increase their value.
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