Manufactured in the USA, the Terramac RT14R crawler carrier is built with a rotating upper frame, the Terramac RT14R can carry and dump up to 28,000 pounds of material at any position, allowing it to offload materials faster than a standard straight frame unit. Equipped with tracks that don't need to be counter rotated the RT14R is designed to dump material without tearing up the ground, reducing environmental damage and land restoration costs. The 40,000-pound machine is also powered by a QSL9.0 320-hp Tier 4 Final Cummins diesel engine. Its minimal 7.9-psi ground pressure while fully-loaded enables it to conquer soft or wet ground conditions and mountainous terrain.

In addition, Terramac’s new unit is designed for increased safety and easy maintenance. The RT14R enhances jobsite safety with full visibility from cab and by eliminating the amount of time an operator spends in reverse. Downtime is reduced with easy access to maintenance checks and track wear is significantly less as the unit can spin, resulting in reduced expenses for repairs.