Genie has named Mike Davis vice president, product management and Terex Business System. In this role, Davis will have responsibility for global product management for the Genie brand, and for the company’s TBS activities, across operations and administrative functions. Davis will be transitioning to his new role and relocating to Redmond, Wash., in the coming months.

According to Davis, there are two distinct elements of this role. For product management, he will have responsibility for leading the Terex AWP product strategy process, working with all areas of the business to ensure that Genie has the right product at the right time to meet customers’ needs. He will also lead the company’s TBS initiative, a long-term effort to develop staff and improve company processes to deliver more value for customers.

“The exciting part of this role for me is that it aligns our product and process efforts,” Davis said. “I look forward to continuing our company’s legacy of bringing innovative products to market and focusing on initiatives that proactively address our customers’ needs.”

“We are a customer-centric business, and our strategy continues to be to best serve our global customers’ needs,” said Matt Fearon, Genie president, Terex AWP. “After six years serving in international assignments, bringing Mike back to Genie in this role is specifically intended to drive this strategy. His job is to increase our capacity to bring innovative, quality products to market, as well as to improve our ability to respond to customer needs, by growing the capabilities of our team members. These activities are strategically aligned to significantly benefit our customers worldwide.”

Davis has been with Terex for 21 years, starting as a design engineer for the Genie brand and was promoted to positions of increasing responsibility. From 2012 to 2015, Davis was Genie vice president and managing director Asia Pacific, Terex AWP. In late 2015, he moved to the Terex Cranes business, and was vice president, global strategic initiatives, Terex Cranes before returning to Genie.

“The experiences I gained in the last six years have given me a more global and different perspective on many aspects of the business,” added Davis. “I’m very excited to bring these experiences with me and once again be part of the company’s future.”