Stone Construction

The Saw Devil MS1 masonry block saw is lightweight and portable. The MS2 is a rugged, heavy-duty professional block saw. The two models are offered with a variety of engine and blade guard options. Both have all-steel frames, sealed bearings and stationary engine platforms. Other features include cast aluminum cutting carts with nylon wheels and non-slip rubber tops; an open-back design that allows rip cutting the entire length of larger blocks; and 45-/90-degree miter guide for precision cutting. The company recently added a diaphragm pump to the line for use on its gas-powered models. The pump is more tolerant of working in the absence of water.

Steve Brown, vice president of sales for Modern Equipment, West Conshohocken, Pa., says, “We use them exclusively for our rental fleet because they're rugged, dependable, and best of all, their parts and service is exceptional.” If there ever is a problem, he says, Stone is very quick to take care of it.
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The TS 400 Stihl Cutquick cut-off saw comes with a water attachment and is available in a 12- or 14-inch version. It features a 4.4-hp, 64 cc engine and has the Stihl IntelliCarb compensating carburetor that maintains the ratio of fuel to air, keeping the engine at full power and increasing the time between air filter cleaning. The water kit can be attached to a water hose, a pressurized water tank or a gravity-fed water tank on the Stihl Cutquick cart.

Mark Chisholm, part owner and crew chief for Aspen Tree Expert Co., Jackson, N.J., uses Stihl saws because they are engineered using input from professionals in the field. He also appreciates that anyone who sells Stihl products can give you “great support” when you need it. “The name is recognized as a leader in the industry. You know you're getting quality products,” Chisholm says.
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The new Norton Block Buster mini compact masonry saws combine portability with a lightweight rugged frame. A compact frame with a 14-inch blade capacity and an open back design provide a high level of utility. The new uni-body frame contour acts to resist flexing and ensure true and accurate cuts in hard dense materials. Optional accessories include a wet cutting kit and a dust recovery attachment.
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The ICS 613GC cut-off saw offers a practical alternative to other hand-held concrete saws. The complete unit weighs 21 pounds and plunge cuts to 12 inches. It cuts a square opening with no over-cuts in material up to 10 inches. It features an advanced air intake and filtration system designed for wet cutting.

Jim Nielsen, president of Franksville, Wis.-based Classic Concrete Systems bought the ICS 613GC cut-off saw and found that it makes the little jobs that they do go much faster. “We use it for a lot of things that we never thought we would use it for,” he says. “It gives a nice, clean cut with no dust.”
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Diamond Products

The Core Cut Ultimate high performance high speed are fast-cutting, general purpose combination blades for high speed, portable brick saws. Ultimate blades feature self-cooling deep gullets and can be used wet or dry. They are designed for cutting brick, hard paving brick, block, hard pavers and concrete. The new blades are available in three quality grades. They have a universal arbor that accommodates 1-inch and 20-millimeter arbors.

John Gauer, vice president of Gauer Service and Supply, Akron, Ohio, says Diamond Products always stands behind its blades for segment loss, although he hasn't known it to be a problem. Plus, his customers come back requesting the Diamond Products blades, which, he says, is always a good sign.
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The Shindaiwa 488 gas-powered chain saw has a power-to-weight ratio generating 3.5 horsepower and has a dry weight of 10.1 pounds. The 488 also features a fully adjustable automatic oil pump; a five-point anti-vibration system to reduce fatigue; and a one-piece electronic ignition that helps ensure easy starting. It comes in bar lengths of 16 to 20 inches. It features a high chain speed and rim-style sprocket and a heavy-duty commercial air filter standard.
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RGC HydraSaws use hydraulic direct drive power to maintain constant cutting speeds and torque without excessive noise, vibration or exhaust fumes. Virtually, maintenance-free, they can be operated from an RGC Hydrapak. With the addition of a flow divider, other compatible hydraulic sources, such as excavators and backhoes, can power HydraSaws.
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Partner Industrial Products offers the K950 chain saw with diamond chain, designed specifically for cutting through thick concrete. It cuts perfectly square corners without over-cuts and makes up to 15-inch deep cuts from one side. The concrete chain is utilized as a complementary saw, where the first cuts are made using a conventional concrete cutter, reducing the overall time and cost per cut.

“Normally it would take me four hours to cut a window using a typical concrete saw through an 8-inch wall,” says Leroy Puttkammer of Ruane Construction. “The K950 chain did it in 45 minutes. With that kind of time savings, we purchased it for our fleet of equipment.”
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General Equipment

Designed to follow random crack patterns in asphalt and concrete surfaces, General Equipment Co.'s CS8 Random Crack Saw uses 8-inch diameter, dry cut-type diamond blades to produce smooth-sided cuts for proper crack filling procedures. Power is supplied by an 11-horsepower Honda engine equipped with a Cyclone-type air filter system for protection against fine-grained dust contamination. An available propane engine conversion allows use in confined areas where gasoline exhaust fumes are not permissible.
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Wacker's 12- and 14-inch BTS portable cut-off saws use a heavy-duty plastic to reduce weight and the ergonomical design produces less vibration to the operator. The BTS 930 weighs 21 pounds and has a blade diameter of 12 inches that provides a cutting depth of 3.8 inches. The BTS 935 weighs 22 pounds and offers a 14-inch blade with a cutting depth of 5 inches. Both models come with a 4.7 hp gasoline engine.

John Hathaway, sales manager for Springs Contractors Supply in Colorado Springs, Colo., appreciates the light weight of the Wacker BTS 1035 saw. “It's a powerful saw at a good price,” Hathaway says.
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Felker introduces its new TM-7 narrow-width diamond blade, which is designed to cut porcelain tile and other hard materials faster and cleaner. It is recommended for professional tile contractors interested in lowering their cost per cut, as well as the do-it-yourself homeowner interested in installing the more durable porcelain tile with a blade that stays sharp, lessening the chance of chipping or breaking.
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The Hilti WSR 900-PE reciprocating saw incorporates the Smart Power System, which combines efficient gearing and a load management sensor to continually monitor blade speed when under load, preventing stalling in the middle of a cut. And regardless of base material — from metal to PVC — it yields up to 20 percent less vibration, allowing smooth, even cuts with reduced fatigue. Both of the two available models have a six-speed adjustment control for optimal stroke speed and a seven-position shoe that features an open face design for better visibility of cutting lines and improved accuracy.
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The new lightweight, 6215 16-inch electric chain saw from Milwaukee Electric Tool has a 2.25-hp motor that starts instantly even in freezing temperatures. Other features include automatic oiling; an adjustable clutch to protect the motor and mechanism from harmful binding; a sprocket nose bar for reduced friction, handguard actuated brake with re-settable lockout switch; a low kickback bar and chain combination with easy chain adjustment; and convenient brush replacement.
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The Sawtec JS-110 joint cleanout saw is a walk-behind cutting saw for joint cleanout, concrete sawing and trench cutting. It features a heavy-duty chassis made with 3/16-inch structural steel and an 11-hp gas engine, positioned for maximum stability. It cuts to a 3-inch depth and to within 1 ¼ inch of front walls. It cleans joints at 20 to 60 inches per minute depending on the application and the material being cut. An optional kit allows use of multiple blades simultaneously for cutting applications such as spalled joint repair and channel cutting.
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