Genie this week introduced at its Oklahoma City, Okla.-training facility its new Genie Tech Pro Link handheld diagnostics tool allowing users to monitor a machine’s sensors, including engine temperature, oil pressure, fuel levels and battery voltage, calibrate the machine, make speed adjustments during pre-operation inspection, receive fault code information and more.

“The Genie Tech Pro Link device is currently compatible for use with the CAN-enabled control systems on mid-sized Genie S telescopic Xtra Capacity (XC) booms,” said Harrison Jenkins, Genie Engineering Manager, Terex AWP. “The information is readily available without having to navigate layers and layers of menu structure. It is designed to provide real-time information that will keep our new Genie XC boom lifts up and running, maximizing operators’ productivity.”

The Genie Tech Pro Link device is designed to work independently of a laptop, giving a service technician immediate access to maintenance information, faults, settings and sensors from the home screen. Future capability will allow technicians to download the data to a laptop or desktop computer for additional analysis and tracking.

Engineered for intuitive operation, the keypad provides users simple navigation to get to the information they want, and the consistent menu structure means that users can access the data at any time. Its large display screen provides in-depth information, graphics and icons to describe what is going on with the machine, as well as allows users to easily view the machine’s data.

The tool has an ergonomic, angled design that enables service technicians to comfortably hold it in one hand, either the right or the left, even while wearing gloves.

“Engineered to be used anywhere, the Genie Tech Pro Link device enables service technicians to perform settings and calibrations through the service tool, and it provides full error code readouts for simple diagnosing and troubleshooting,” said Jenkins.

The tool’s design includes a 4-pin Deutsch connector for reliable integration with the platform and ground controls. It’s also equipped with standard mini-USB ports for charging in service vehicles or for downloading software updates. A magnet on the back of the device enables service technicians to work hands-free while still accessing the needed data. It will soon be WiFi-enabled to work wirelessly around the machine.

The handheld device also comes with a built-in flashlight, which provides additional light for working on the machine, and a wrist strap to keep it handy at all times. “Its compact design allows it to fit in a user’s back pocket or tool belt,” added Jenkins. “And it is engineered for outdoor use, in nearly any weather conditions. It’s water-resistant, Mil-STD-810 shock-tested.”

          The device will be available in the coming months.