Equipment rental rates increased 7 percent in December 2012 compared to December 2011 for the rental companies participating in the Rouse Analytics Rental Metrics Benchmark Service, according to the latest Rouse Rental Report. However, physical utilization dropped in almost all major equipment categories from June 2012 to December 2012.

For the month ending February 2013, the Rouse Value Index of Orderly Liquidation Values for used equipment across the 14 major rental equipment categories increased 0.5 percent compared to January values, the report said. For the six months ending Feb. 28, average index values increased 0.4 percent.

Feb. 2013 auction sales of rental and construction equipment averaged 1.6-percent higher than January values.

For the past six months, articulating boomlifts posted the top increase in orderly liquidation values for used equipment with a 4.4-percent increase, followed by high-reach forklifts at 3.7 percent, scissorlifts at 3.3 percent, industrial forklifts at 3.1 percent and compaction rolling equipment at 3 percent. Loader backhoes declined the most, 4.1 percent, while air compressors dropped 3.8 percent during the six-month period.

Aerial work platforms were the types of equipment purchased most in February 2013 among participating rental companies, representing 42 percent of total acquisitions, followed by high-reach forklifts at 18 percent and 7 percent for excavators.

Physical utilization dropped 11 percent for generators among participating equipment rental companies for the past six months, followed by excavators at 9.7 percent, a 6.8-percent decrease for articulating booms, 6.2 percent for industrial forklifts, 6.1 percent for skid-steer loaders, and telescopic booms at 5.7 percent.

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